P-Hill One-way Harrow
Project ID: 119
Status: Completed
Fiscal Year: 2006
Submitted By: N/A
Project Manager: Tyler Thompson
PM Agency: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
PM Office: Salt Lake Office
Lead: Bureau of Land Management
WRI Region: Southern
3000 acre One-way Dixie Harrow and seeding
Richfield Field Office, East of Circleville, Piute County
Project Need
Need For Project:
Years of drought and pressure from both wildlife and livestock have left the project area in need of active restoration. Sagebrush die-off combined with an over mature population and little or no understory have decreased this area's value to wintering populations of both Mule deer and Elk. The Richfield BLM office is planning a fuels reduction treatment on this project site in 2005. The BLM seed mix is lacking important shrubs and forbs. This project proposal requests funding to purchase and add these species.
Project Location/Timing Justification (Why Here? Why Now?):
Relation To Management Plan:
This area is located in the Habitat Initiative priority area in need of active restoration. The project will also meet fuels reductions goals for the Richfield BLM office.
Fire / Fuels:
Water Quality/Quantity:
1 Archaeologist, Not enough info. 1-30-05, Jul 22 2010 / 2 PMArchaeology, None entered in old database. -data entry tech, Jul 22 2010 / 6 NEPA, None entered in old database. -data entry tech, Jul 22 2010
One-way dixie harrow will be used to reduce the mature sagebrush while leaving younger plants. Seeding will take place in the fall of 2005 after the single harrow has passed. Because seeding will take place after the soil disturbance, smaller seeded species such as sagebrush and Kochia will be added to the main seed mix. The BLM will handle all project contracting and implementation while UDWR will be responsible for seed mixing and delivery. Seed purchased with this project money will include Wyoming sagebrush and any other succulent forbs funding will allow.
UDWR will locate and read pre-treatment vegetation data in order to determine treatment effect on the project area. Population trends for Mule Deer will continue to be monitored for this herd unit by UDWR.
Future Management:
Sustainable Uses of Natural Resources:
Budget WRI/DWR Other Budget Total In-Kind Grand Total
$12,200.00 $105,000.00 $117,200.00 $60,000.00 $177,200.00
Item Description WRI Other In-Kind Year
Contractual Services Contracted Dixie Harrow $0.00 $105,000.00 $0.00 2006
Seed (GBRC) BLM provided seed $0.00 $0.00 $60,000.00 2006
Seed (GBRC) BLM provided seed $12,200.00 $0.00 $0.00 2006
Funding WRI/DWR Other Funding Total In-Kind Grand Total
$12,200.00 $165,000.00 $177,200.00 $0.00 $177,200.00
Source Phase Description Amount Other In-Kind Year
BLM Fuels $0.00 $165,000.00 $0.00 2006
DNR Watershed 3478 $6,100.00 $0.00 $0.00 2006
BLM CCI 3419 $6,100.00 $0.00 $0.00 2006
Species "N" Rank HIG/F Rank
Elk R2
Threat Impact
No Threat NA
Greater Sage-grouse N3 R1
Threat Impact
No Threat NA
Mule Deer R1
Threat Impact
No Threat NA
Project Comments
Start Date:
End Date:
FY Implemented:
Final Methods:
Treatment area was double-harrowed with seed broadcast on second pass reducing mature sagebrush plants and leaving younger ones.. Seed was broadcast at a rate of 18 lbs per acre. UDWR donated annual sunflower to a mix developed by BLM.
Project Narrative:
Treatment was completed from October 2005 through February 2006.
Future Management:
The area is not grazed by livestock as it is designated a wildlife use area.
Map Features
ID Feature Category Action Treatement/Type
3361 Terrestrial Treatment Area Harrow <= 15 ft. (2-way)
3361 Terrestrial Treatment Area Seeding (primary) Ground (mechanical application)
Project Map
Project Map