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  • Pineview South Arm Fish Habitat Installation
  • Region: Northern
  • ID: 6739
Project Status: Current

Title Page

Choose a name that is unique to the project. If it is a multi-year project, identify the year (1, 2, etc.), fiscal year (FY17, FY18, etc.), or phase (1, 2, etc.). Be as descriptive as possible, titles may include descriptive words that indicate; location, species benefiting, treatment technique , etc. Don't use any abbreviations, symbols or non-descriptive terms such as, "project" or "Restoration" or "Enhancement" or "completion". Don't include any landowner/citizens' first or last names.
A brief summary of the project. Identify the output (e.g. Improve 500 acres of deer winter range by chaining and seeding a pinyon-juniper woodland), not the expected outcome (e.g. Increase carrying capacity of deer winter range).
Provide general location information. For example, "Five miles east of Sterling on the Manti-LaSal National Forest" or "A one-mile section of the East Fork Sevier River, five miles downstream of Otter Creek Reservoir."
The Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative Region in which the project will take place. Regions can be viewed by enabling the UWRI Regions layer on the map page.
Identify the agency or organization that will be responsible for the majority of project implementation.
Select the fiscal year (FY) in which the project manager would like to implement the project. The UWRI Fiscal year falls between July 1st and June 30th of the following year. For example, fiscal year 2017 is July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017.
Other registered WRI users who you wish to have Project Manager level read/write access to this proposal.
The administrative/funding program(s) in which your proposal fits best. UWRI refers to Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative. Habitat Council, External Conservation Permit, and Blue Ribbon Council (BRFAC) are Utah Division of Wildlife Resources sponsored programs. If you are unsure of which program your proposal fits, and/or would like to be considered for any and all appropriate sources of funding, select WRI.
Check this box if you plan to request the use of equipment to implement your project from the UDWR Great Basin Research Center and WRI Equipment Storage/Maintenance Facility. A representative from the facility will contact you when appropriate.
Check this box if your project will not affect a geospatial footprint, or will not create or manipulate a structure (e.g. fence, pipeline, dam, etc.). Otherwise, use the Map This Project button at the top of the page to define the project footprint and actions.